Terms for being Arzoo’s Agent

    1. The person applying to be an Agent needs to fill up a form containing details such as the current occupation, locality of the outlet, number of people employed, current turnover, etc
    2. Upon approval of his form by Arzoo, a brief agreement detailing all the conditions, policies will be signed.
    3. The prospective agent needs to employ at least one person from the travel industry to promote business and make calls to the customer traffic coming into the outlet and at least one office assistant for delivery, bank and miscellaneous work.
    4. In case Arzoo notices any fraud and / or forging of documents by the sub agent, Arzoo shall immediately terminate its partnership with the sub agent and cease to accept bookings from them.
    5. An Agent's performance shall be reviewed every 6 months, where a decision on continuing the partnership with the agent shall be taken and appropriately conveyed to the agent. Arzoo is authorized to terminate the association with the agent on an immediate basis.
    6. An agent can terminate the partnership with Arzoo by giving a termination letter to Arzoo by giving one month's notice period, addressed to the Sales Manager.  

Agent's Margins

    1. For Airlines, Arzoo shall sell the tickets to the agents at the same prices as displayed on agents.arzoo.com. In case the agent calls Arzoo customer support, the price quoted by the Arzoo customer support executive shall be the net price for the agent. The Agent cannot sell the ticket at a price higher than the published fare. For International Air Tickets, Arzoo will give at least 3 % commission to the agent.
    2. For all other products, Arzoo agents are entitled for 5 - 12 % commission on the selling price on the website or as quoted by Arzoo agent.  
    3. To confirm the booking, the agent needs to make a bank transfer of the amount to Arzoo which will be the Agent's net price from Arzoo (An agent can deduct his commission & pay to Arzoo), as explained in points above.  
Arzoo.com Preferred Sales Agent Agreement

Agreement for providing Travel & Tourism related services by Arzoo.com – A Division of NavinMail Services (I) Pvt. Ltd
(Hereby referred to as Arzoo.com) and the Arzoo.com’s Preferred Sales Agent hereby referred to as PSA:

  1. This Agreement is valid for 1 year from the date of appointment.
  2. PAYMENT:  The Payment terms will be as per the following.

For any bookings, the PSA will have to make full payment including the taxes (less the PSA commission mentioned herein) via online bank transfer to Arzoo.com's account in the banks of ICICI or UTI or any other bank account as designated by Arzoo.com. The PSA can also deposit the cheque in any of the branches of the above banks. Upon credit of the said amount into Arzoo.com’s account & acknowledgement of the same by the accounts department to the Operations department, Arzoo Customer Service Executives will process the booking & forward the e-ticket, paper ticket, Hotel / Holiday Voucher to the PSA.

  1. TERMINATION CLAUSE: The agreement can be terminated by either side by giving one (1) month’s notice in writing to the other party. During that period accounts are to be reconciled and settled in favour of the party to whom balances are due.

  2. FORCE MAJURE CLAUSE: Arzoo.com shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance of its obligations under this agreement, if that is by Force Majure, viz, war, epidemic, earthquake, floods, fire, riots, strike, or similar circumstances beyond the control of Arzoo.com

  3. RELEASE OF LIABILITY: Arzoo.com will only serve as a booking agent for various travel services required by the client & cannot be held liable for any loss to the client arising out of delays, cancellations, accidents, unavailability, lack of services etc of various travel services including flights, hotels or any services booked through Arzoo.com which are not under the direct or operating or management control of Arzoo.com

  4. Disputes, if any shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Mumbai high Court only.
  5. PROMOTION: The PSA hereby agrees to earnestly & ethically promote Arzoo.com & sell its products.
  6. PSA agrees to display the Promotion material & paraphernalia as provided by Arzoo.com within & outside its office premises.